What is Whole Self?

Whole Self is a social media platform designed for you to be seen as your Whole Self. Your messiness, your frustrations, your joys, your highs, your lows, and everything in-between. It’s the anti-facade social media. With all of the acceptance and none of the shame. It’s designed for you to be you, freely.

Around here we don’t do followers or vanity counts. We do connections, real people, and tight-knit community.

Whether you have a free account for your friends and family or a paywalled account for your closest fans to follow the most intimate parts of your journey, you can play here and be seen as your Whole Self.

That sounds really cool! I want a free account.

Show Your Whole Self

Hello there. My name is Ella.

I like being naked on the internet for everyone to see. Physically. Emotionally. Innocently. Soulfully. I’m the seamstress of the fabric that is Whole Self. I weave magic and realities into playful pixels on your screen. While I can do a lot on my own, I know in my heart, there is a co-creator for this project. My future husband. I’m not sure who he is yet, but maybe it’s you?

📞 Get in touch with me.