This invitation is for you if…

  • you are a single woman
  • you can easily get tons of dates with guys
  • you have done a lot of self-love and inner work already
  • but you are hitting a brick wall when it comes to finding your actual life partner
  • you are 150% ready to meet your life partner within 6 months and unfold the life that comes with life partnership
  • you are ready to take full responsibility for yourself and your actions

What’s Inside?

  • I will ask you to show me your dating profile, scan your dating behaviors, and take an inventory of how the other sectors of your life are doing (career, health, family/friends).
  • With this information, I will guide you to exactly what you need to do, say, and change, in order to magnetize your life partner.
  • This process will be extremely uncomfortable. Your Current Self will die in order for your True Self to emerge. While you can magnetize your life partner at any stage, in order to keep them in your life, you must stay aligned to your Highest, True Self.

The Investment

  • The investment is $1,500 for this one 1:1 call.

Ready to Enroll?

  • If you’re interested in this 1:1 call, the next step is to send me a DM on Facebook. We’ll have a brief chat to see if it’s a good fit. If it is, then we will get you started immediately.
  • To help move the conversation along, in your initial DM, tell me what you feel is blocking you from meeting and being with the love of your life. Also, tell me what your dream partnership would look like.



“Even after 2 divorces and a history of abusive relationships, I am now blissfully with my life partner after working with Ella. 

Even with all my fears, doubts, and skepticisms that I would ever have love again in my life, Ella worked her magic and I am in the deepest, most satisfying relationship now that I have ever been in.”

– Geoff O., Financial Advisor

I met my dream partner. My teen stopped acting out. And my co-parent and I are having our most amicable relationship yet. 

I wish I skipped spending the literal tens of thousands in counseling that never amounted to anything and just went straight to Ella. 

She has been an electric lightning bolt of change for me. What I tried to accomplish in a decade, got done within months under Ella’s guidance.”

– G.H., NY Times

“I am with an amazing partner, quit my job, and launched my passion business.

Before I worked with her, I was stuck in a toxic relationship dynamic with my ex and working a job I absolutely hated. I worked with other coaches but never got results. Time after time again, the work I did with Ella completely uprooted and vanquished my demons and fears but also gave me the exact blueprint on how to uplevel. who I have rebirthed into now is my absolute living dream.”

Nicole H., Founder of Aphrodite Beauty