How to Get Powerfully Married Within 1-2 years as a Current or Former Escort

By Ella Ayana

  1. Decide and Declare

If marriage is always an “Oh maybe later.” or “Oh I don’t know. I don’t think that’s for me.” the powerful life partnership of your dreams will never come. You may even receive a life partnership, but it will not be the most powerful version of it. 

Powerful life partnership is intentional from start to finish.

From the moment you Decide and Declare.

If you do not decide, that energy of indecisiveness is flimsy. It is not powerful.

Decide that your desire to get married is valid and important.

To fully solidify your decision… Say the following:

I will do whatever it takes to release the beliefs, behaviors, and energies that repel my husband from me, and I let in all the beliefs, behaviors, and energies that will magnetize my husband to me. I am receiving my most potent marriage and dating in a way that will lead to this. 

Say that in your mind, out loud, write it down, and tell at least one friend about your decision (Better yet, you can even make a social media post with your declaration, if that is aligned for you.)


2.) Look at what is blocking you from marriage and what thoughts will cause you to receive marriage


Block Receive
I’m not good enough for marriage I am worthy and enough now.

My own parents broke up


had a marriage where they always fought


Marriage will just end and cause heartbreak.


Marriage will continue and cause heartbreak.

Witnessing how my parents interacted negatively influenced me. 

However, I can change these patterns.

My marriage will be an entirely new creation.

My husband and I will flourish and be our best, fully expressed selves. Together we achieve this fulfillment on a deeper level than we could have ever done apart.

I am not prepared/ready for marriage. I will learn what I need to learn in order to be ready for the most potent marriage ever.
My ex left me, treated me shittily, cheated on me, beat me, etc. And I’m scared that the past will repeat. The past is the past. I will do what it takes to heal and clear the past, so I can create space to receive the beautiful future I am destined for.
Marriage will make my life boring. Being with my husband is the funnest time ever. I chose my husband, and I knew before getting married to him that life with him would be an amazing adventure.
There are no more good men out there. All men are cheaters/players/drunks, etc. 

There are more than enough amazing men out there who will treat me wonderfully and desire to commit to me in a lifelong partnership. And I will choose one of those men to marry.

Even if I have never seen this yet, I commit myself to this belief.

I will lose my freedom in marriage.

I feel the most free while I am married to my potent husband.

Our marriage gives my life the ultimate stability, foundation, and invincibility from which our vision spawns, multiples, and grows.

I will lose money when I’m married because I will have to take care of everything. My husband is a powerful man who knows how to wield, manage, and grow our finances with me.
I will have to take care of a man emotionally once I am married.

My husband is emotionally mature, in the most potent masculine way. 

He is not effeminate, yet he is emotionally intelligent. 

I will never find anybody who will accept what I’ve done in the sex work field. 

I accept myself and all the sacred service that I have done and what I have grown through in this field. 

(What I divulge to my husband about my past is something I will use discernment about.

Different couples need different levels of transparency when it comes to the past.

And if you have a desire to get married, there is a level of transparency and a match that will work for you.)


3.) Shift from the left to the right side by processing your energy.

This chart is your foundational energy.

Whatever is in your foundational energy is what will show up in your reality.

If you cannot shift your energy, your reality will also refuse to shift.

How? In my 1:1 coaching, I help clients finally shift these very foundations, so that they can actually attract the flourishing marriage they really desire. 


4.) Do the ACTIONS that lead to marriage. A.K.A Date for Marriage

Actually go out and date but not just willy-nilly.

Dating for marriage is drastically different from casual dating. 

It is intentional. 

No more “Oh let’s just see how it goes.” and then getting pained when it “goes” nowhere.

No more wasting your time on guys who cannot match your power. 

No more wasting time on guys who don’t even want to get married. (Don’t try to convince someone. Pick someone who already matches the life that you want.)

It’s about speaking in a certain way and asking specific questions that lead to marriage. 

Not in a way that is forceful.

But in a way that is intentional.


“When and how do I disclose my past/present as an escort?”


It depends on each guy you date. You can ask them questions initially on how they feel about strippers or other sex workers to get a feel on their perspective. If you choose to disclose your past/present, make sure you are doing it from a place of wanting to build or solidify a bond, not trying to push him away. I go over this more inside my coaching container.


In my 1:1 coaching, I will teach you exactly step-by-step how to date for marriage in a way that is pleasurably magnetic, not in a way that is forceful.


Important Note: I teach the most powerful form of being married, which is dyadic monogamy.

If you do not want to practice dyadic monogamy in your marriage, that is totally fine, but I will not be the teacher for you. 

What is dyadic monogamy?

It is the deepest way to be married. It is both being sovereign of yourself while giving 100% to your marriage. It is submitting to the leadership of your man because the man that you choose is trustworthy and powerful enough to lead you and your family into greatness and prosperity. 

It is True Union. Forgoing the tug of war of two identities and forming a new entity where you two become one. It is not codependence. There is no grasping or deep insecurity in this marriage. There is overflowing love for one another and the most powerful form of interconnectedness. 

It is you holding your most potent position as the feminine, and your husband holding the most potent position as the masculine. 

It’s not about trying your damnedest to “be equal”.

It is about appreciating your innate differences and expressing your Highest Self from this. 

It is about pleasurable polarity. 


Now, what does this mean for escorts that want to work with me?

Be ready to retire from escorting when you do get married and transition to a new way of being.

Married people make more money. We will build your life in a way that you are making the same amount of money, if not more, post-retirement.


“Why can’t I continue escorting and be married?”

You can do that, but that would be a form of non-monogamy. There are other escorts doing that exact form of relationship right now. That’s okay, and I don’t judge at all. I just would not be the teacher for you.

Objectively, any form of non-monogamy is always mired in some level of being pulled in multiple directions, which is not what I personally emanate and teach.

I only co-create powerful marriages that have one unified focus, which is both partners to each other. 


An Invitation for Women Who Are Ready

  • Are you ready to get married within 1-2 years?
  • Are you ready to fully change yourself and your entire life in preparation for life partnership? (Are you ready to retire from escorting and shift into another lifestyle?)
  • Would you like to learn the exact actions that will magnetize your dream husband to you in as little as 30 days?
  • Are you ready to invest in yourself in both time and finances to make your dream life come true? (Working with me is a 5-figure investment. My coaching has a money-back guarantee. My guarantee is: implement everything I say and you will meet your life partner in 6 mo. or less.)

Let’s Chat

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On this call, we will discover if you are truly ready for this journey and if I am the right teacher for you. 

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